Sunday, October 5, 2008

Barthelme's Writing Style

I am not a creative writer at all, but here is an attempt at Barthelme's writing style.

What has happened? Where am I? Let me out! Who are you? Let me up. I want to go home. I was at a party and it was wild. I talked to April. She really helped me understand what was going on with Jim. I really miss him. I thought I was a good girlfriend. April told me it wasn't my fault. That Jim is just an awful guy and I deserve better. She helped me put realize I am prettier than that girl he is with now and that I should not waste my time thinking about him. April told me I need to go out and have fun with my friends. So that is what I am doing. Its going to be such a fun night. We are going to go crazy and I am not going to think about a thing. What is this in my arm? Why am I sick? Turn up the heat it is so cold in here. Who's bed is this? I am not in my room. "Have some of this Babe" said Joe. "This will make all your feelings go away. You will fill great and be over Jim within minutes." Sure I will take what he is giving me. I cant wait not to feel like this anymore. Wow why is the room so shaky. "HEYYYY APRIL!!! Lets dance and meet cute boys!!!" "Sounds good to me!" "Where was she last, who did she last talk to, did you see who gave her a drink" This is so much fun! Lets have another cocktail! I want to meet so many people tonight. I need new friends. "We need you to answer some questions for our police report before you can be let out with your parents" "Girls just want to have fun! April think you so much for..."

As I stated before. Not so good at the whole creative writing thing. I tried to make a story of a girl at a party who has been through an awful break up, she is seeking relief by going to a party with her friends. While at the part she wants to let loose and go crazy. At some point in the night a guy slips her a drug, but she doesn't fully understand what she is taking. After she has been drugged she continues with her friends, but they don't know she has taken a pill. She is laying in a hospital bed but doesn't know it and her thoughts keep her at the party where she was happy. It shows that the police are there so things were bad, and she doesn't realize what is going on in her life.

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Angie_R said...

Personally, I think this was pretty good!