Sunday, September 21, 2008

Glamorous, Fergie

I have picked the song Glamorous by Fergie to describe Blanche.
Blanche wants to live a great high class life full with all the great things in life. I think Glamorous is a great example of the modern day wants of a girl who wants to live a high class life.

Here is a link to the full song lyrics:
Full Lyrics

Some of the lines from the song and comments about how they relate to Blanche:
"If you ain't got no money take your broke self home"
- Blanche is all about money and really wants to settle down with someone who can support her she finds money very important and this is one thing she doesn't like about Stanley, he doesn't have much money

"We flyin' first class up in the sky; We flyin' first class, livin the life"
-Blance really comes across to me as the type of character who if she were to fly she would only want to fly first class and seem more important to others

"Champagne and limousines, shopping for expensive things"
-I can definitely picture Blanche as the type of girl who would want to sip champagne, and get driven in a limousine. She also is very into expensive clothing as you can see in the book when she is wearing a tiara, that happens to be fake but it shows she wants to look very rich.

The one aspect of the song that doesn't relate into Blanches life is that Fergie says she can live the fabulous life, but still do simple things like go to Taco Bell. This is one thing I couldn't see Blanche doing if she got high up in life like she wishes. She wouldn't stoop back down and do something that "common" people do.

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