Sunday, October 26, 2008


I don't thing any of the characters fully found atonement. The only one that came closest to it was Briony. I think she would have achieved it more if she had told the truth before Cecilia and Robbie died. If she would have said that she knew that she lied about the raping, then perhaps they would have been able to be together. The fact that she wrote the story after the people who were involved had passed away did not fully give her this. Briony constantly mentions and thinks about making amends, but never does. I do not really pity her because she had numerous chances to make things right, and never did. Even when she grew older and knew right from wrong she never did anything about it.
Marshall was the least closest to finding atonement. Right there next to him was Lola. They both knew the truth and did nothing about it. Lola knew who it was who had raped her, and that it had been going on for awhile, but she hid it. Her hiding it is more understandable than Briony, but then she goes on to marry Marshall which is awful.
The parents were even guilty of this lie. Everyone in the story in some way or shape had to know the truth, or at least that Robbie was not the rapist. Robbie comes back with the twins, with no clue about what happened, and they quickly accuse him of it. The parents are listening to the story of a 13 year old girl, who is clearly doubting herself as she testify s, and Lola had bruises on her which no one ever noticed. I find the title of the book ironic since everyone in the story was guilty in some form, and no one finds a way to make things right

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Cinderella Waltz

One of my favorite stories that we have read was The Cinderella Waltz. Something about it captured my attention. I think its partly because I can relate to a child that has gone through a divorce. I was a little older than Louise when my own parents divorced (elevenish). Although my parents didn't get divorced because my dad was gay, I still felt a connection with the story. Its always a hard thing for a child to go through.
I also found Louise a very unique little girl. I love how she always packed her bag to go to her dads house, even though she had everything she need already there. I used to do the same thing. My parents would also get mad when I forgot something and would call crying asking them to bring my stuff back over. Even though it wasn't an hour drive for them, they would still get annoyed with the inconvenience of the fifteen minute drive. I would always tell them well its not my fault that you don't live in the same house anymore.
I must say I was a little disappointed after I read this story. I was really hoping to read something that was along the lines of the actual Cinderella story. The paragraph reference to Cinderella "Before Louise was born, Milo used to put his ear to my stomach and say that if the baby turned out to be a girl he would put her into glass slippers instead of booties. Now he is the prince once again. I see them in a glass elevator, not long from now, going up and up, with the people below getting smaller and smaller, until they disappear." I found this interesting that the mom thinks that the dad and daughter are going to move above everybody. I have this feeling that the dad isn't very involved in Louise's life and will have her visit San Fransisco on her breaks, but slowly and slowly she would visit less and less and soon it would just be the dad on top. Looking down after he moved up and went on with his dreams and forgot his mistakes below him.
Since I didn't get to read what I hoped to be something related to Cinderella I thought I would add a clip of it :)

And Just wont more... This one is Cinderella scenes played to a song.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Barthelme's Writing Style

I am not a creative writer at all, but here is an attempt at Barthelme's writing style.

What has happened? Where am I? Let me out! Who are you? Let me up. I want to go home. I was at a party and it was wild. I talked to April. She really helped me understand what was going on with Jim. I really miss him. I thought I was a good girlfriend. April told me it wasn't my fault. That Jim is just an awful guy and I deserve better. She helped me put realize I am prettier than that girl he is with now and that I should not waste my time thinking about him. April told me I need to go out and have fun with my friends. So that is what I am doing. Its going to be such a fun night. We are going to go crazy and I am not going to think about a thing. What is this in my arm? Why am I sick? Turn up the heat it is so cold in here. Who's bed is this? I am not in my room. "Have some of this Babe" said Joe. "This will make all your feelings go away. You will fill great and be over Jim within minutes." Sure I will take what he is giving me. I cant wait not to feel like this anymore. Wow why is the room so shaky. "HEYYYY APRIL!!! Lets dance and meet cute boys!!!" "Sounds good to me!" "Where was she last, who did she last talk to, did you see who gave her a drink" This is so much fun! Lets have another cocktail! I want to meet so many people tonight. I need new friends. "We need you to answer some questions for our police report before you can be let out with your parents" "Girls just want to have fun! April think you so much for..."

As I stated before. Not so good at the whole creative writing thing. I tried to make a story of a girl at a party who has been through an awful break up, she is seeking relief by going to a party with her friends. While at the part she wants to let loose and go crazy. At some point in the night a guy slips her a drug, but she doesn't fully understand what she is taking. After she has been drugged she continues with her friends, but they don't know she has taken a pill. She is laying in a hospital bed but doesn't know it and her thoughts keep her at the party where she was happy. It shows that the police are there so things were bad, and she doesn't realize what is going on in her life.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Glamorous, Fergie

I have picked the song Glamorous by Fergie to describe Blanche.
Blanche wants to live a great high class life full with all the great things in life. I think Glamorous is a great example of the modern day wants of a girl who wants to live a high class life.

Here is a link to the full song lyrics:
Full Lyrics

Some of the lines from the song and comments about how they relate to Blanche:
"If you ain't got no money take your broke self home"
- Blanche is all about money and really wants to settle down with someone who can support her she finds money very important and this is one thing she doesn't like about Stanley, he doesn't have much money

"We flyin' first class up in the sky; We flyin' first class, livin the life"
-Blance really comes across to me as the type of character who if she were to fly she would only want to fly first class and seem more important to others

"Champagne and limousines, shopping for expensive things"
-I can definitely picture Blanche as the type of girl who would want to sip champagne, and get driven in a limousine. She also is very into expensive clothing as you can see in the book when she is wearing a tiara, that happens to be fake but it shows she wants to look very rich.

The one aspect of the song that doesn't relate into Blanches life is that Fergie says she can live the fabulous life, but still do simple things like go to Taco Bell. This is one thing I couldn't see Blanche doing if she got high up in life like she wishes. She wouldn't stoop back down and do something that "common" people do.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Streetcar Named Desire

When watching the two clips of the movie, Streetcar Named Desire, I feel that the 1951 version with, Viven Leigh, is the one that best portrays the written character of Blanche. The modern version clip was so short and maybe didn't show enough of the character, or an extremely emotional scene like the older version. But, just based on these two and not seeing any other parts of the movies Viven is emotionaly attached to the role. You can see her emotions change, hear her voice change, and the strength in her change. Its more real and you can see the emotional unstableness in her. Jessica Lange seemed more as if she was just sad, not very emotionally involved in the part, and just reading the lines. You had the dramatic effects of Vivens voice fluctulating and her movements and body language which made her seem as if she was on the verge of hysteria.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Modernism vs Post-Modernism

Modernism and Post-Modernism are two very different ways in thinking. I find it interesting how extreme they are, how blurry the middle is, and how many people would fall into the middle of the two extremes. On one end you have a very strict way of thinking and is very machine like, there is only one absolute truth and nothing else. Then on the other end you have the exact opposite where there is no universal truth, and everyone is able to think the way they want.

From the works we have read thus far, the Chancellor in, The Obsolete Man, shows me a very clear picture of what a modernist person would be like. The chancellor believes that the only right is the government rules, and anyone who does not follow by these rules cannot fit into the society, and is ruled obsolete. The chancellor and other government officials in the show all acted if they are zombies. Zombies seem to be a great comparison to modernism. They are creatures who are being controlled to think and act one way, just like the Chancellor has been brainwashed to think that only the governments way is right. Wordsworth was the Post-Modernist character in this show in that he didn't follow in what the government thought was right, but read books and created his own thoughts, and believed in God, not just the government. At the end of the movie the Chancellor says, "In the name of God, let me out." At this point he is now also considered obsolete to their governments society because he is believing in God, not just their totalitarian government.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

About Me

my name is kailah and I am from charlottesville, virginia. i am a second semester sophomore. i transferred to clemson last year from roanoke college (small school in va) so i am a little behind on my classes. also i am a marketing major.
this past summer i had an internship with an event planning company at home and one of the things they made me do was post several blogs about stuff we were doing. blogging was my least favorite thing about my internship :) i could never think of what to say! event planning is what i hope to do once i finish school. i would love to get a job in a big city hopefully planning events for a large company or doing weddings and other social events.
i am a big dog lover. at home i have a standard poodle, miniature poodle, west highland terrier, scottish terrier, and a red bone coon hound. i also love traveling. here at clemson i help with relay for life and am hopefully will get involved in some more activities this year. i love watching all of my favorite tv shows (greys, desperate housewives, the hills...all the chick flicks), i also enjoy movies. i love warm weather and lastly i love to cook.