Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Cinderella Waltz

One of my favorite stories that we have read was The Cinderella Waltz. Something about it captured my attention. I think its partly because I can relate to a child that has gone through a divorce. I was a little older than Louise when my own parents divorced (elevenish). Although my parents didn't get divorced because my dad was gay, I still felt a connection with the story. Its always a hard thing for a child to go through.
I also found Louise a very unique little girl. I love how she always packed her bag to go to her dads house, even though she had everything she need already there. I used to do the same thing. My parents would also get mad when I forgot something and would call crying asking them to bring my stuff back over. Even though it wasn't an hour drive for them, they would still get annoyed with the inconvenience of the fifteen minute drive. I would always tell them well its not my fault that you don't live in the same house anymore.
I must say I was a little disappointed after I read this story. I was really hoping to read something that was along the lines of the actual Cinderella story. The paragraph reference to Cinderella "Before Louise was born, Milo used to put his ear to my stomach and say that if the baby turned out to be a girl he would put her into glass slippers instead of booties. Now he is the prince once again. I see them in a glass elevator, not long from now, going up and up, with the people below getting smaller and smaller, until they disappear." I found this interesting that the mom thinks that the dad and daughter are going to move above everybody. I have this feeling that the dad isn't very involved in Louise's life and will have her visit San Fransisco on her breaks, but slowly and slowly she would visit less and less and soon it would just be the dad on top. Looking down after he moved up and went on with his dreams and forgot his mistakes below him.
Since I didn't get to read what I hoped to be something related to Cinderella I thought I would add a clip of it :)

And Just wont more... This one is Cinderella scenes played to a song.

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Angie_R said...

Great post! I'm glad you were able to relate to the narrator! It really does help make a story meaningful.