Thursday, August 21, 2008

About Me

my name is kailah and I am from charlottesville, virginia. i am a second semester sophomore. i transferred to clemson last year from roanoke college (small school in va) so i am a little behind on my classes. also i am a marketing major.
this past summer i had an internship with an event planning company at home and one of the things they made me do was post several blogs about stuff we were doing. blogging was my least favorite thing about my internship :) i could never think of what to say! event planning is what i hope to do once i finish school. i would love to get a job in a big city hopefully planning events for a large company or doing weddings and other social events.
i am a big dog lover. at home i have a standard poodle, miniature poodle, west highland terrier, scottish terrier, and a red bone coon hound. i also love traveling. here at clemson i help with relay for life and am hopefully will get involved in some more activities this year. i love watching all of my favorite tv shows (greys, desperate housewives, the hills...all the chick flicks), i also enjoy movies. i love warm weather and lastly i love to cook.

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